Spoons of 2015

This year my spoon carving improved, as did my level of production. I have  switched over to using a knife finish entirely, which has been great in lowering the amount of sawdust in my house and given the finished product a much more interesting look.

Spoons 2015 2

I was lucky in obtaining a large supply of cherry wood from two trees that were cut down in a local park. I’ve got to the point now that I can complete a spoon in a single sitting, although it’s often necessary to do a few refinements after the wood is completely dry in a couple of weeks. They are finished with a mixture of beeswax, mineral oil, and a smaller amount of carnauba wax for hardness.


6 responses to “Spoons of 2015

  1. beautiful to see as a collection Martin! now you need a spoon carving badge…

  2. These are beautiful! Stumbled upon this post while searching for some spoon making in Vancouver. Do you teach this or is it just a hobby??

    • Thanks Stephanie. We have a free carving session every Tuesday evening at the MacLean Park Field House at the corner of Heatley and Keefer Streets in Strathcona. Potluck dinner, 6pm.

  3. Faye Hurrell, Vancouver Island

    I received one of your beautiful spoons for a gift! Thank you for creating .

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